We Can Come to you at Home or Work

Our repair service is also mobile, for your convenience. We can come and repair the damage to your car either at your home or your workplace. Saving you time and money.


Cheaper & Faster
Than a Body Shop

It costs less for us to repair your car than a traditional body repair shop. We're also quicker, removing the need for you to hire a courtesy car, as you will not be without a vehicle for longer than a few hours.


Don't Lose your No
Claims Bonus

The price you pay us will usually be far less than the cost of your insurance excess and certainly the increased premium when you renew your insurance policy having made a claim.

Looking for Paintless Dent Removal Experts in

Helsby & Frodsham?


The skilled team at DentFinish provide paintless dent removal in the Helsby & Frodsham area. We can offer an expert PDR mobile service that is convenient, with our friendly PDR technicians visiting you at your place of work or home at a scheduled time to remove damage from your vehicle.

PDR Helsby & Frodsham


Paintless dent removal, also known as PDR, removes cosmetic damage such as shallow dents and creases, from the body work of your car, van or motorcycle tank. This environmentally friendly process removes the needs for filler or paint, and therefore the need for colour matching. We return your car to you the same day looking as good as new.

The process of paintless dent removal is cost effective, costing less than a traditional body shop and also your insurance excess, followed by premium hike for making a claim. 

PDR Helsby & Frodsham


Why DentFinish?

DentFinish can offer a convenient, mobile dent removal service in Helsby & Frodsham to remove minor dents and dings from the body work of your vehicle. We can repair your vehicle at your place of work or home. Our prices are competitive, often 80% cheaper than traditional car body repair shops. We will have your car looking as good as new, which in turn will increase the resale value of your vehicle when you come to sell.

DentFinish provide free, no obligation quotes to repair damage via the process of PDR from cars, vans and bike tanks. We invite all customers, private or trade, to benefit from our paintless dent removal services in Helsby & Frodsham.  For more information get in touch with DentFinish, paintless dent removal experts, on 07737731119 or send us an email to